3 easy steps to share attendance in no time.

1. Select group
2. Select date
3. Share attendance

Why are we the best school attendance app?

Share school attendance for multiple activities.

It is important to know for safety reasons if students are available not just for classroom sessions, but also for co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.

Synchronized across devices

Teachers can share attendance from their school attendance app or the web console. Attendance can easily be synchronized in real time among multiple devices if both parents are using the app.

View it in the calendar

Parents can easily check their ward's attendance in the app calendar for the day, week or entire month in a single view. This allows them to keep tabs on their ward's progress.

Share comments alongwith attendance

Sometimes it is not enough to just mark a student present or absent, especially if the student is a chronic late-comer or frequently remains absent. Send comments to parents alongwith attendance.